Spring Trend 2012-Game On!

 Stella McCartney Spring 2012

Sportswear has gone mainstream. I might even be so bold to say it has landed smack dab in the midst of high fashion!  If you look at the wide appeal of sportswear inspired clothing for Spring 2012, you will see more side striped pants than the American flag waving on the forth of July. Sportswear has influenced the trendiest handbags, pencil skirts, pants and even (wait for it) designer dresses.(yes-you can all point your fingers at that fashion maven Stella McCartney for putting some fabulous frocks together with more mesh and workout inspired motifs than the  US Olympic team outfits designed by Ralph Lauren. Who knew that sportswear could be so fashionable? Clearly the fashion Gods did and it’s time that you embrace your inner workout woman and enjoy these comfortable yet fashionable selections. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when wearing this look: 

Vertical stripes are best in keeping a look that is long and lean. There’s nothing better to elongate a leg than a side pant stripe. 

Horizontal stripes will ALWAYS make an area appear wider. 

Cut outs, mesh inlay and various other forms of exposure are best used on areas that you want to accent. 

Fit…is the most important key to making any look work for you. When in doubt buy a size larger and have it tailored to fit.  

The side stripe on the pant will  always elongate the look of your leg.

This Rag and Bone Scuba Skirt will give any woman the look of an hourglass shape.

Derek Lam Tank-Horizontal Stripes will make an area “appear” larger.

And finally….

If you’re  a bit skeptical about trying the latest trend in apparel consider accessories or a handbag with that inspiration.) 

Pierre Hardy leather trimmed neoprene backpack .

All images coutesy of Pinterest.

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