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We are wrapping up our week of wedding posts with one last entry pertaining to wedding guest guidelines. . Truth be told you will probably be a wedding guest far more times than a bride (unless of course your J. Lo). To that end I thought it only necessary to mention a few etiquette principals.

Rule #1. RSVP as quickly as possible Please don’t wait till two weeks before the wedding to send back your response card. The bride needs a head count and if you can’t attend it’s best to let her know sooner than later.

Rule #2. Adhere to the invitations guidelines: Translation-if the invitation is addressed to you and a Guest (if your not married) then by all means bring a significant other BUT if it’s merely addressed to you and you only-please don’t call the bride and ask if you can bring an additional person.

Rule: #3.  Arrive at least 30 minutes before the wedding is to start. One never knows the parking “situation” finding seating, etc. etc. etc. If you do arrive late and find yourself entering at the same time the Bride is walking down the aisle STOP and wait until she is has completed her journey to the front of the ceremony and then quietly enter.

Rule #4. Color is key. Weddings are the perfect occasion to buy yourself a little something special.  Dress in any color of the rainbow even black( which is now widely accepted at weddings) EXCEPT WHITE OR IVORY. Those colors are reserved for the bride. Capish?! 

Rule #5. Hold those facebook photos that you are dying to post  of the bride and groom until they post their own versions.

Rule #6. If you must leave the wedding early the perfect time to make an exit is after the cake has been cut. Whatever your reasons try and thank the Bride and Groom for the lovely time before you go but if they are unavailable then mention to the maid of honor or best man.

Images:  Top: Reem Acra Petal Dress/Bottom: One shoulder ruffle dress by Temperly London.

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