Two Fabu Foundations

Have you ever had this happen? You go to your cosmetic counter in your local upscale department store to pick up another bottle of your favorite overpriced foundation to find out…IT”S DISCONTINUED..WH.H.H.HAT! Funny I didn’t receive any notice, letter, email,etc..etc.. and I have been purchasing this brand for over 2 years and plopping down my fifty odd dollars every  month and a half when the bottle went low. Surely we went through a little minor redesign of the application pump a year ago ..and yes there was the redesign of the bottle (which only made the size of the product smaller ) while still keeping the price the same but I didn’t say a word because I loved the product so much. about feeling left out in the cold. Why oh why do cosmetic companies do this to us Glamour Girls? Everything is going along smoothly and BAM out of the blue they discontinue. Can’t you give us some little heads up- like a smiley face on the last purchase or a “so long it’s been fun” tag on the receipt. Imagine my surprise when this happened a few weeks ago as I was prepping to go to a VIP function…and without a proper foundation. So not happening!!!! It left me to run to the only place I could go with little time: the drugstore.( O.K. So I read my In Style which rates the best products every year and Covergirl & Olay and Revlon Photo Ready had great reviews). I scoop up a bottle of each and dash home to give it a go. Much to my surprise I LOVED both of them. The Covergirl & Olay foundation goes on like butter and Revlon Photo Ready is just that-you are camera ready when applying this very frothy and even tone foundation. So.o.o.o if you want to venture out of the department store for just a bit and try something at 1/3 the price you just might be surprised with the fabulous results from these to Fabu Foundations. 

Somehow discountinued doesn’t seem so bad after all…

Image: by Me

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