Summer’s Simple Pleasures

It’s mid-August already and you do know what that means?! (If you don’t I will break it down for you)..Fall is fast approaching. I know it’s hotter than a fry pan in most of the USA, but before you can blink we will be knee deep in wool and cashmere. To that end I highly advise that you take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of summer…

Number 1.  This is the perfect time to take a day and head to the nearest beach and/or body of water.

Number 2. You still have time to indulge in a summer treat…

P.S. Since it is so hot outside the calorie count of an ice cream cone is officially a non-issue!


Number 3. Plan an impromptu outdoor party…

or at the very least  toast the sunset.

Number 4. There’s just something about Summer that make’s everything more fun!

 photo by Kameeva Elena

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