My Date with Destiny

I will be celebrating my birthday this weekend (which just so happens to be the same date as the late great Coco Chanel).

I have always felt like the Fashion Gods had a definite say about the day and month of my arrival because being born on August 19th, seemed kismet when my love for all things Chanel continues to endure not to mention that it is the exact week that the September Fashion issue(s) from each and every magazine hit my mailbox. There are so many things to be thankful for in life:  the love of your family, friends and pets:


good health, and( if you’re very lucky)- following  a profession that you enjoy with passion.  

On this day of celebrating, I want to wish each and every follower of GTGG my enormous thanks and gratitude for reading my thoughts and hopefully enjoying my posts Here’s to another year of happiness, health and Glamorous fashion. 

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