Window Displays that still work today…


At one time in my career I was a window dresser/visual display consultant,creative director (whatever the “offical title”was)- the job was making “pretty” in store front windows so that  customers would be excited to walk in the front door and see more! I think I become enchanted with the thought of dressing mannequins when I saw Diana Ross play a window dresser in the movie Mahogany. Many years later I found out that window dressing wasn’t really all that Ms. Ross portrayed it to be-(dangling from ladders wearing designer dresses without a hair out of place but instead lifting heavy items, dangling from ladders and putting your body in contortions that you don’t even do in yoga to hang an item in a store window without crashing through the glass or God for bid-ruin something in the display) but back to window dressing. I found these fabulous window displays on the facebook page of Cameron Silver’s uber popular vintage store in LA called Decades. I was enchanted! The window displays certainly stand the test of time- originally viewed in 1997-they still speak to us today in a way that is fashionable and fun. Enjoy!

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