Table Top Inspiration

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and there’s no better time to dress a table than now..(and by now I mean today and no later than Wednesday). Trust me, you will be so glad you did this ahead of time when you are racing around on Tuesday and Wednesday for last minute menu items.

 Now back to setting the perfect Thanksgiving table…..

 There are oodles of ways to set a gorgeous  Thanksgiving  table and it needn’t be difficult or time consuming.  I promise that you don’t have to have Martha Stewart on speed dial-(she wouldn’t answer anyway) and you don’t need to spend gobs of cash to have a luxe looking table. Think easy peasy. For example: 

1. Gather some autumnal leaves and press them between wax paper. You can then put them around the table/write names on them for place cards or put them in see through glass containers as decor. 

2. Take construction paper and print out name tags with a beautiful font from your printer. You can then attach name tags to pine cones, small pumpkins, tiny gourds or fruit. 


3.Take the leftover pumpkins from Halloween and use them as a vessel to hold flowers or an assortment of colorful vegetables.  Whatever you decide-have fun with it and keep it simple.

The “Ultimate” Thanksgiving  table/ by Preston Bailey 

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