Winter Coat Clearance-Coat-a-holics Unite!

I will be the first to admit that I am a MAJOR Coat-a-holic.   This may not seem like a problem to you but when you live in sunny California -where the thermometer rarely dips below 50 degrees, you’re pretty much left with a closet full of coats that you can only admire on the hanger 363 days of the year. Back in the day when I lived in colder climates-(think bone chilling Chicago and NYC during January)-coats were a mainstay to looking polished and put together.

Which brings me to TODAY! Yes-it’s that time of year again when beautiful coats of all fabrications and colors are reduced and us Coat-a-holics can’t help but  add to our collection. Keep your eyes open for some pretty fantastical deals on Outwear and remember that even if you can only admire your new coat on a pretty hanger the majority of the year…a girl can always dream of taking a vacation…somewhere cold. Coat-a-holics unite !

Alice and Olivia Coat


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