Basic Black is NEVER Boring……

I have been spending allot of time in the Doctor’s office as of late due to my recent surgery. Now the only reason I share that little nugget of specific info is to set the scene for what I’m about to share with you. As I sat in the office waiting to be called for my appointment with the Dr. the woman sitting next to me was flipping through a fashion mag and turned to her daughter sitting next to her and said: “Oh, look at all this black-black coats,black shoes, black all so boring.” Whh.h.h.hat! I couldn’t believe my ears. True I was sitting in a Drs. office in the 90210 (Beverly Hills zip code) and yes the woman was leafing through a recent Harpers Bazzar magazine but really??Black boring? Never . Anyone who thinks that black is boring

a) Doesn’t understand the concept of chic,

b) Can’t be a fan of Coco Chanel and

c) I don’t think we could ever be friends….

Enjoy some very un-boring black today!

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