Wake me when it’s O.V.E.R…..

Joan and Melissa Rivers Guest Judge on this weeks PR

Project Runway Season 11 the Team Challenge has been a total yawn. Because of the way they have designed the show this season you end up not really caring about any of the designers. If the producers were aiming for PR to be more like the “Housewives of Where-ever”with bickering and constant back stabbing then mission accomplished. If however they were aiming for the viewer to care one bit about the teams and give creative challenges so that each designers aesthetic would  blossom…they have REALLY missed the mark. Team whatever-who cares about the teams when they are constantly breaking up each team as people are eliminated, and how you are eliminated is by throwing your partner under the proverbial fashion  bus because they didn’t design something fabulous and you sure as heck aren’t taking responsibility as “the team” member to go home this week-hence the bickering and backstabbing ensues and the show is more like a Housewives episode then PR.  So here’s the note to Project Runway Season 12-Go back to highlighting each designer and give us better challenges. Until then I will hit the snooze button and you can wake me when it’s OVER! 

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