Back Together Again

Brad Gorski and Rachel Zoe in happier days…

Could it be true that Rachel Zoe and her former assistant Brad Gorski are back together again. Yes…well-sort of. Ya see Rachel and Brad both have reality shows and now Bravo has paired the two back to back on Wednesday night. Brad’s show-It’s a Brad Bard World and Rachel’s Show-The Rachel Zoe Project  will be part of a full night of fashion on Bravo. This is the second season for Brad’s reality show -as we watch Brad expand his styling business and Rachel is knee deep in her sixth season with drama to ensue when her clothing line is rumored to be sputtering. Oh the drama..oh the fashion. When all is said in done we all hope that someday soon Rachel and Brad can put aside any hard feelings that transpired when Brad decided to go out on his own and Rachel felt less than appreciated. Let bygones be bygones and in doing so we will all be cheering for you both to succeed. In fact we might just be found chanting Bravo!   

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