One Fabulous Bra….

The other day I was talking to Dawn,one of my closest girlfriends. She is a fashion maven in her own right and a girl who got GLAMOUR down by the age of three. Dawn and I go way back and I have found her advice on all things including: life,men,recipes, clothing and bras to be spot on. So.o.o.o when Dawn and I were playing catch up via the telephone she mentioned that she had just found the most FABULOUS bra ever. Mind you Dawn has been very blessed in the upper register and me not so much-so when she’s talking bra’s… I am so in. Dawn mentioned that of all the bras she tried on lately the FABULOUS bra by Victoria’s Secret was hands down the best bra that she’s tried on in a very long time. It fits and looks fabulous (hence the name). Maybe this weekend as you’re zipping around town you might just want to stop into your nearest Victoria’s Secret and check out how Fabulous the Fabuous bra is on you. Trust me Dawn, has never been wrong.  



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