Kate Hudson “Designs” for Ann Taylor

Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor Halter Top $68.00

I have a little bee in my bonnet this morning. Kate Hudson has “designed” a collection for Ann Taylor. I mention the word design with quotations because I see little if any design or creativity in the collection itself. First of all it’s all white. O.K. I will give her the benefit of the doubt that she wanted a fresh summer inspired collection…BUT as far as putting actual pen to paper to design? How creative are we when our line consists of a basic tank top, flowing long skirt and a sheath dress. O.K. so the Sheath has a design detail in the back but it’s probably a knockoff from her mother Goldie’s closet from the 60’s. I’m sorr,y but I have such an issue when celebrities call themselves designers when in fact their line consists of  basic items that have been around since 1963.Celebrity ..yes. Clothing Designer…I don’t think so…

Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor Whisper Top $78.00

Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor Entrance Skirt $128.00

Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor Premiere Dress $128.00

Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor Constellation Dress $118.00

To view the complete collection: http://www.anntaylor.com/ann/cat/AT/ANN-Kate-Collection/cat1460002?cid=E0005318

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