Wrap Stars…

Are you one of “those” Glamour Girls that waits to the last possible minute to wrap your Christmas gifts? Me too!!!  Every year I make this silent vow that I will have every gift selected, wrapped and shipped (or put under the tree) no later than December 15. This ” imaginary” deadline gives me a full 10 days to ENJOY the holiday at hand.  I envision myself sipping eggnog as I listen to Christmas CD’s and bake cookies, or take oodles of time picking out my holiday outfit or maybe just for grins do a little more shopping-perhaps find myself some happy! Somehow it all goes amiss around the 14th of December, when I realize that A.) I don’t even like eggnog and B.)how in the world did this Xmas list suddenly get longer and C.) I have to get on a plane to fly home to celebrate with the family and I calculate how much time I have to shop on the other end because it’s such a major pain to pack Xmas gifts and go through  the long lines not to mention deal with the lovely folks of the TSA.  But, I digress. So..to get you and I inspired not to mention perhaps give us a push in the right direction to wrap as we go here are some real wrap stars to get your holiday ribbon unraveling in the right direction.

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