Closet Envy…

The start of every New Year brings about the need to cleanse. Not only do we want to clean up our diet from all the oodles of sweets and treats we devoured during the holidays but our closets could do well by a bit of cleansing as well. I mean do we really NEED that skirt we bought on sale from 5 years ago that still has the tags on it? Maybe you will wear it SOMEDAY.  I want you to just give some thought to all the pieces hanging around  your closet that you haven’t worn in eons. It’s just a thought. We won’t do anything right now. Promise. Just give yourself sometime (say a day or two ) and see if you could “embrace” the idea of donating some items to a worthy cause or even selling it on eBay or Thread flip. In the meantime… here are some closets to inspire you and get you in the mood to upgrade. It’s a New Year ..How does the saying go: “Out with the old in with the new!”


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