Best Sports Bra EVER!


O.K. so I have to admit I am at the gym A LOT! And by a lot I mean everyday except Sunday. When you reside in LA it’s almost a requirement. You MUST spend at least 2-3 hours a day in workout attire and besides that I have been in recoup mode from the knee replacement surgery I had last year  which put me smack dab BACK in the hospital a whooping 4 times. Can you say intense physical therapy. All that being said I must cut to the chase and delve into the real issue of this post-finding the perfect workout bra.

I have always appreciated a bra that holds up the girls in their proper place. In my mind there is nothing that ages a woman faster than some major sagging in the chest area. To that end I came across the Victoria’s Secret Knockout bra and I almost sang Hallelujah! Because someone FINALLY made a bra that doesn’t flatten you out like most sports bras are known to do. It actually has a bra within a bra and is prices from $54.50 to $62.50). Available in oodles of colors  I think this is going to fast become a workout staple.


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