Amal Alamuddin’s Wedding Gown Reveal..

Finally… A photo of Amal Alamuddin’s wedding dress. Sure there were numerous photos of Amal from her wedding weekend-Amal at her bachelorette party, Amal and George going to the civil ceremony,  Amal and George walking hand in hand  onto the boat before  the wedding festivities began. Heck, there were  even pictures posted of her party dress that she wore AFTER the wedding but  have you come across a picture of the actual wedding gown? Me neither. Would it kill someone to post just a nugget of the actual gown? Well I guess it would if said gown was being saved for some big fashion story. Soooo it was no surprise today when ponied up and posted a picture of Amal with designer Oscar de la Renta at the last fitting before the big event. McQueen who? All the press was a buzz that the gown was by McQueen but Oscar was the only way to go for this bride. The photo was taken by Annie Leibovitz , (natch) so now it’s  all starting to make sense  as to why  Anna Wintour  was at the wedding.  Anna may be “friends” with George and Amal. But truth be told  I  think there’s a Vogue cover story  in here somewhere.   

Photo courtesy of Vogue .com

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