Cute Candles..on today’s Haute Look

O.K. call me crazy but I realized that today is the last day of September and you do know what that means don’t you? That before you can blink twice we are going to be smack dab in the middle of the Xmas rush. I know!!! Frightening. But, there is a slice of a silver lining in this latest thought process rolling around in my head. Bear with me. You know Haute Look don’t you. It’s the online website owned by Nordstrom. Translation-good quality items at great prices and the easiest return policy on the planet. If you don’t like an item you can return it to any Nordstrom Rack. But why would you even think of returning these adore-a-bubble candles featured today on the site that are hand poured with essential oils and prices from $18.00 to $3200.  Affordable! Everyone loves a great candle and what better if it’s packaged perfectly. They are fabu hostess gifts, last minute Xmas stocking stuffers or just the perfect present for someone that is not expecting anything but a Xmas card. Yes Glamour Girl tomorrow is October 1, 2014 and let the pre-Xmas shopping begin.


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