Embrace the Cape…



Fall is the perfect time of year to “embrace the cape.”  It’s that little pocket of time between seasons when we have a release from the hot summer days and the cold winter months that loom ahead. You are finally free from peeling off layers of clothing to keep cool but still need a little bit of a cover up or extra layer to keep the chill off in the beautiful crisp Autumnal temperatures. Enter the cape. Capes have been forever-(since medieval  times to be exact). They may change fabrications and little design details through the decades but basically a cape is a cape is a cape. It lays on the shoulders ever so squarely, with a beautiful flowing drape down the body. It keeps your arms free and unconstricted and it’s so easy to put on and take off-it a no wonder that Batman embraced the cape for his quick entrances and exits. Capes have style and add a bit of flourish to any outfit. So if you haven’t embraced the cape until now perhaps this is the year to try on a cute cape.

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