Monochromatic Mondays….


Awwww Monday. Do you find yourself looking into your closet with that fist Cup of Joe and scratching your heading wondering what to wear to work after a weekend of ….relaxing? Don’t feel guilty-isn’t  that what weekends are for in the first place: sleeping in, eating those chips and dips or that extra helping of whatever that are totally off limits during the week, or kicking back and nixing any thought of physical exercise unless it involves something connected to securing the TV remote. Yep, the weekends are a great time to recharge. The only problem: How does one dress in a way that looks professional but hides any tell tales signs of a weekend well lived?  

Jessica Alba mixing shades in the same color palette.

Two Words: Monochromatic Dressing. It’s a Hollywood secret that celebs stylists use all the time. Wearing all one color head to toe will make you appear taller, thinner and perfectly put together aka “professional as all get out.” It’s easier than you might think to attain this monochromatic look on Monday or any day of the week. There’s no need to think you have to wear the EXACT same color and fabrications head to toe but instead recommend that monochromatic is synonymous with pairing items in in the same color palette allowing the mixture of textures and tones to add interest.

 Mixing textures


 Mixing shades and textures…. 



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