The POWER of the Pretty Pump….

I’ve  yet to meet a woman who doesn’t love her shoes. I actually had a man ask me this past weekend and I quote: “Why are women so obsessed with shoes and why do they need so many pairs.”As I quickly stopped my head from turning 360 degrees (much like Linda Blair in the Exorcist) I gently explained to him that shoes have this magic ability to actually heal.” What? he asked. I went on to explain that shoes are like a best friend that never disappoint (unless of course you just paid retail and found out they were marked down 75% the next day). A pretty shoe has the power  to heal because it doesn’t matter if you are five pounds up, feeling bloated, having  a bad hair day or just feeling tired-all you need do is put on a pretty pair of shoes and whah- lah you instantly feel better. Yes the right heel has the power to heal …and that is why we will always love our shoes-plural not singular..

shoes with heart

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