Trickle Down

If you’ve ever coveted  designer fashions but didn’t have the cash-o-lah to drop  on a desired item here’s a bit of fashion advice-WAIT! Yep-it’s as simple as that because everything that you see on the runways eventually trickles down to mainstream and by mainstream I mean affordable. Case in point this fabulous Chanel choker that strutted the  catwalk for Spring 2014 is eerily similar to this steal of a deal found on Lulu’ for $16.00. See..all you have to do is wait.

Chanel Spring 2014 Necklace $1,950.00

Chanel Spring 2014
Necklace $1,950.00

Lulu's Pretty Gold Collar Necklace $16.00

Lulu’s Pretty Gold Collar Necklace $16.00


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