Met Gala 2016 The Miss..(es)

Madonna-There are no words....

Madonna-There are no words….

Soooo here we are post 2 covering last night’s Met Gala. Sad  to say these were my least favorite looks of the evening. In the case of Madonna-I think you can agree that there are no words needed when it comes to this look. Dearest Madge needs to embrace either a new stylist or a better optometrist. It’s a case of been there and done that ….for about the last 30 years-TIME FOR AN UPDATE! Also on the list and much to my dismay are Taylor Swift-I KNOW it’s really not like any of us to think she is anything less than flawless but the dark lips  and the harsh platinum shade of hair  would NOT be my first or even third choice for this beauty. Finally (and this pains me on so many levels) is our dearest Sarah Jessica Parker… Sarah- it’s the Met GALA…. with emphasis on GALA.

Taylor Swift in Louis Vuitton

Taylor Swift in Louis Vuitton

SJP  in Monse

SJP in Monse

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