Fanciful Fruit

Today I took a quick look see at my calendar and whaaaat  is that – July 1 is next Friday. Really? You have got to be kidding. How did that happen? The Summer is swimming along so quickly and before you know it July 4 will be upon us which brings me to today’s post. (You knew I was going somewhere with this didn’t you). I do love putting together a summer soiree’ and for my money there is nothing better to quell the summer taste buds than a perfect platter filled with an assortment of fruit. Yep-that’s my number one go to when you are looking to start a party or have a low cal finish to your meal. Now we wouldn’t think to just cut up a cantaloupe and plop it down on the table NOPE not going to happen. Instead we want a mélange of colorful fruit displayed oh so pretty. I’ thought a few ideas just might inspire you (and me) to cut, dice and slice some fruit into one perfectly put together platter. Enjoy!

Image via Pinterest No source given

Image via Pinterest
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fruit cake

Image courtesy of Shabby Chicks.blogspot

Image courtesy of Shabby Chicks.blogspot

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