Heeled for the Holidays

This is a public service reminder for all you lovely Glamour Girls that want to be prepared for the holidays at hand. When it comes to holiday heels (and if you’re reading this blog I know you know what I’m talk’n about -BLING,velvets, heels with major adornment or just out right pretty pumps) NOW is the time to purchase. Before the Black Friday, Pre Thanksgiving, Friday before Black Friday, Super Saturday before Thanksgiving Sales) get out there and purchase those holidays heels. Not only will you beat the major crowds that ensue ” but you’ll be” heeled for the holidays.


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Image courtesy of Pinterest / No source mentioned


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Image Courtesy of Pinterest

“All heels are NOT created equal.” When you’re thinking holiday go for major glam.


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Image Courtesy of  Wedding Style Magazine

Image Courtesy of Wedding Style Magazine

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