Winter White done Right!

Winter White is soooo beautiful BUT  it has to be done right. To keep your look sleek and stylish follow these simple rules:


#1. Wearing white head to toe needn’t be tricky. If you don’t have a full out ensemble already in your closet you can mix different textures of white and whah- lah “major style statement. ” Bear in mind that when wearing all white make sure your shoes and accessories have some sort od detailing or interest to keep the eye engaged. (Note the gold platform on her shoe below? Of course you did -See it adds interest -point taken).


Image Source Unknown/Pinterest

#2. Don’t be afraid to add a POP of color when wearing all white. To make a statement opt for only  ONE POP OF COLOR.


Image courtesy of via Pinterest

#3. We all know that white goes with everything but remember lighter colors can make an area appear larger and that’s not just in your rear view mirror. If you’re looking to appear slimmer and taller opt for darker colors on the bottom and keep the lighter winter white hues  closer to your face. If however you are very slim on the lower part of your body and want to make that area appear larger than by all means wear white on the bottom half and know that most of us are jealous-but in a good way!


Image courtesy of 9 to 5

Finally…. Winter white is beautiful (we’ve established that) but always remember these two most fundamental style rules when it comes to wearing white- no matter what  the Season : Never ever under any circumstances wear white to a wedding UNLESS the bride has instructed you to do so or you are the Bride and it’s your wedding.  winter-white-wedding Last but not least always and I DO mean Always make sure when sporting white pants, skirts, shorts, dresses, (you get the picture) that the item is made well  enough or in a fabrication thick enough that it is not transparent enabling one to see what’s going on underneath aka visible  panty lines ….when it doubt have item lined.

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