Everyday should be…

Yesterday was National Puppy Day and in my world EVERYDAY should be National Puppy aka Dog day. Not one to discriminate-the same sentiment goes if you own a sweet cat, kitten or any house pet under your care. No matter what their size, shape or breed….LOVE them because they are the sweetest souls and their love is unconditional.


Image courtesy of Charlotteromancetumblr.com

I’ve only had one dog in my life thus far and long for the day when I can share my home with another pet someday soon when I’m more settled.  You must make time to be with your four legged loves. They are to be tended to and cared for and always cherished.

best dog

Image Courtesy of ForDogTrainers.com

We can learn allot from our furry friends.  They are truly one of life’s greatest gifts.

dog lessons

me and doozie

The “love” of my life Doozie…passed in 2012/miss him EVERYDAY


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