Intermix Obsession

Truth be told I have had a major obsession with the store Intermix for quite sometime. It happened innocently enough. I was asked by their PR firm many years ago to do a write up on their latest store opening in Brentwood, CA.

You can guess that they didn’t have to ask twice and I was on my way to view the newest abode. To my delight the store is filled with a bevy of beautiful items from oodles of different designers all put together in the most imaginative mix.┬áHence the name Intermix. The store and website go beyond the usual pairing of outfit by one designer and realllly does a great job at mixing numerous labels together to make one look. Just to give you a little heads up that their store and site are worth a look or two or three here is just a sample of the findings. All images courtesy of none other

intermix white eyelet

intermix flounce

intermix look book

All images courtesy of

intermix jog

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