One Sweet Site….Sweet Water Decor

It started with this realllly cute coffee mug posted on Pinterest. I love Pinterest. Maybe a little too much because if I don’t set a timer I could stay on the site forever. Now here’s the really great thing about scrolling through Pinterest at warp speed. Not only do you get oodles of ideas for outfits, décor, fitness, recipes, and a bevy of other topics of interest but you are lead to sites with merchandise you may have never discovered. So basically this pinning could qualify as being educational. At least that’s how I’m going to spin it. Which brings me back to the coffee mug pin discovery. As I clicked forward to find out more about said mug I was directed to this adorable site called Sweet Water Décor which has a host of fun items that are perfect for you and or gift giving. Kind of a win- win for everybody. So if you want to check out some wonderful and very affordable accessory items for the home or office or special occasions take a yonder over to the site because as luck would have it they are smack dab in the middle of a SALE. (Our favorite four letter word).

Click on pictures to be directed to site where they sell mugs, prints, greeting cards, phone case, and pens and pens at wholesale and retail. Enjoy.

coffee mug

The mug that started it all! Sold Out but alternative available with gold handles.


Sweet Dreams Canvas Pillow (Sale $15.00)

Eyelash Dreamer Make Up bag

Eyelash Dreamer Make Up bag

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