Tuesday’s Tip

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Sweater weather is here! Bearing in mind that we have a multitude of sweater options available to keep us warm  the standard turtleneck  stands the test of time as a style staple. Turtlenecks can not only keep us warm but elevate an outfit to “uber  chic” in a matter of seconds. The key to  making sure that your turtleneck compliments your shape  is found in following these style rules:

  1. First and foremost: Wear a well fitted bra-preferably an underwire to give your shape proportion. The last  thing (and I do mean the very last thing you should do) is go without the proper undergarment. Don’t even think of going bra less. End of story.
  2. Fit is KEY. If your turtleneck skims your body make sure it is not pulling at the bust,shoulders or waist.

Image Courtesy of Anthropologie.com

3.   If you opt for a more bulky turtleneck make sure you pair it with a slimmer fitting bottom. You don’t want to look bulky on top and bottom.


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