Pop of Print

Monday! The start of another week which technically should be a realllly good thing but somehow we seem to all need a little extra push after the weekend. Now to acquire this much needed pep in your step  and not just for fun  but fashion’s sake why not add a pop of animal print and see if that doesn’t do the trick. For my money there is nothing and I do mean nothing that I love more than adding a little animal print to one’s abode or attire. It can be something small-think throw pillow, book cover or if you’re talking attire an animal print scarf,handbag or belt. For those not so shy-have at it and go full out  by covering your stairs with lovely  animal print  or perhaps wear a coat or dress with this lovely motif. The only style rule to remember is to wear only one animal print at a time and please always go faux!


Image courtesy of Domainehome .com

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Image courtesy of Elements of Style.


Image Courtesy of Zsa Zsa Bellagio

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