Monday Mantra…Dare to be Different.

Monday Mantra..the back story. Years ago, I was auditioning  as a singer to be considered for a well known vocal group. At the end of my audition piece the casting director said thank you and shared with me his thoughts: “Great voice,love everything about you BUT, sorry… I can’t cast you, and I doubt that anyone looking to fill a spot in any group  ever will.”In my youth, I had no fear and went on to question  him:”WHY would you make a comment like that?” He then explained that in his “professional opinion he found me to be “different” and went on to say that sadly I don’t “blend in.”

At the time, I was despondent after hearing his comments. I am trying to make a living as a singer and you’re telling me that I’m good and you love everything about me BUT I don’t blend in. What does that mean?

Years later when I think of this comment that once upset me-I now embrace it as the highest praise.

Dare to be different.

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