Suiting UP

Remember wayyy back…. when pantsuits were all pretty much the same. A pant suit literally consisted of a single or double breasted jacket,plain sleeves,simple lapel and a pair of pants. It’s no wonder we got bored with that ensemble. But today the term pantsuit evokes a whole other meaning. As of late the pantsuit takes on a wide range of shapes and silhouettes. The good news is that with all these stylish option there is no reason you can’t find the perfect pantsuit for you.  Here’s a bit of pantsuit perfection  to get you inspired.

Diane Keaton (Style tip: Adding ONE major statement accessory-hence the wide belt)

Katherine Waterson in Dior (Style Tip: basic black with a pencil pant leg is so chic and slimming.

Blake Lively in ravishing red. (Style Tip: Add a strappy statement sandal  to elevate your look. Wearing a  punch  color head to toe  aka(monochromatic dressing) makes a major style statement).



Miley Cyrus (Style Tip: Note how simple and sleek makes a statement) All images courtesy of

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