A Penchant for Boston Proper

I’ve been an avid shopper of the online site Boston Proper for more years than I can even recall. It’s one of my “go to sites” where  I can find affordable and fabulous fashion that is well made and designer inspired. If you need some verification besides my own to this statement testimonial, might I share  a little tidbit about my dear friend Penelope ( a major shopper and devotee of all thing HIGH fashion-think Chanel, Prada, Gucci-her closet is a Who’s Who of the best brands in luxury fashion). Any who, years ago I wrote  a post about Boston Proper (BP) and being the good friend that she is- Penelope read the post and then proceeded to check out BP for herself. Fast forward a few weeks after Penelope read the post and I get a phone call: It went something like this: “Terri, I don’t know if I should thank you or scold you because I have been shopping BP like crazy. I love everything they carry. Seriously…… this is getting out of control!”  She was so happy with the quality and the price points that to this day Penelope continues to shop BP on a verrry regular basis. Quite a testimonial from a friend known to exclusively shop Designer (and I don’t mean discount). To get your Summer wardrobe off to a fresh start I thought it might be nice to share my favorite item on the site and encourage you to clickity click over to BP and see for yourself that Summer just got a whole lot more fashionable and affordable. Enjoy! P.S. Penelope and I are still the dearest of friends.

Striped Wide Leg Jumpsuit $149.00 Image Courtesy of Boston Proper

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