Lipstick Love

I KNOW this past Sunday was National Lipstick day. If I had my way EVERYDAY would be National Lipstick Day. Lipstick is essential to life or at the very least the one make up staple that I strongly feel you should never be without. ..and by “without”… I  really mean-DON’T even think of leaving the house without it on. You can go without mascara, eyeliner, blush,maybe even foundation,BUT I can’t even process going out of the house with out wearing lipstick. I think it is one of the greatest inventions EVER! Lipstick brightens up your face, adds a pop of perk to your complexion and is available in every price point soooo no one needs to ever be without at least one shade of lipstick in their make up bag.

Vintage Dior Ad/Source Unknown

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