White Pant Rules

Image Courtesy of Harpers Bazzar Circa 1968

Just about every Glamour Girl knows that wearing head -to- toe basic black can make you “appear” slimmer and taller-hence the reason why we have oodles of black in our closets.

But ….it’s still summer and before we break out all that black for fall there’s still time to wear white- as in your basic white pant because not for noth’n they go with EVERYTHING! That’s the good news. The not so good news is that white pants can make you appear heavier IF you don’t abide by a few simple tried and true style rules:

Numero Uno! #1. Fit is KEY. Make sure your white pants fit you PERFECTLY. There should be no signs of pulling/stretching (aka thigh lines going horizontally) or gaping. Both issues only accentuate one’s figure flaws and I don’t think THAT’s the look that anyone is going for. Bear in mind that nobody and I do mean No BODY has a perfect figure so don’t be hard on yourself. Get a pair of white pants/jeans that fit you in the hips and thighs and if need be have the waist tailored to fit.

2.White has no filter! If you choose to wear white anything-it must be lined or made in a fabrication dense enough to not see -through. No one needs to see your pocket or pantie lines.

3.White can go from chic to shabby in a matter of seconds if you have a spot, splatter or sweat stains on your garment. Proper cleaning and maintenance is key when it comes to wearing white and looking right.

Image Courtesy of WHoWHatWear.com


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