Time to Boot Up?

My brief “Retail Rant….”

August 15, the official mid-point of the month and in retail terms basically Fall! Good luck finding any summer footwear in sight but instead peruse through any store, be it the mall, free standing boutique,or discount (Marshalls/TJ Maxx etc) and you know what you’re going to find-not some summer sandal -all pretty and perky and ready for that last Summer BBQ on Labor Day  but instead you will be deluged with a lovely selection of BOOTS. Lots and lots of  winter boots have suddenly shown up in this 100 degree heat wave in Los Angeles and none to soon because you are going to be needing them in about 2 more months when we dip under 70 degrees.

Now just to be clear, I love boots, reallly I do- I have oodles of them in my closet BUT here’s the thing about my little rant today-I truly wish the powers that be in retail would embrace the thought of having items be available seasonally. It seems that we are rushing everything these days and when I walk into a store at the end of July and spot not only Halloween items but faux Xmas trees lined up in a row for as far as your eye can go- I get a proverbial “bee in my bonnet” and think that we all need to slow down just a tad and really start living more in the moment. That means …retailers  holding off for maybe a tish longer on items we don’t remotely need for another 2 months and give us the goods we need now. Just a thought. Rant officially over. 

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