Summer’s Last Stand

How did  it get to be the end of August already?I mean seriously, wasn’t it just Memorial Day like a nano second ago?

Summer  ALWAYS seems to go by so quickly! Why is that?  Quite frankly I’ve deduced that we spend the entire year (aka all the other seasons) waiting for it-(and by it) I mean Summer! In review, let’s admit that Winter goes on forever. Winter means snow and cold and basically we’re all just wanting that picture perfect “White Christmas” so once the holidays are O.V.E.R. and we’ve tossed the Xmas tree to the curb we are so ready for the season to end.

Then there’s Spring-ohhhh Spring-it really “temps us” with warmer  and sunnier days but there’s always a few remnant days that are down right chilly and oh did I mention RAIN.

But then…. there she is SUMMER! Longer days filled with sunshine and beautiful breezes and weekends on the beach. Summer is so worth waiting for,with it’s abundant bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables, paired down layers of clothing and leisurely pace. No wonder why it goes by so quickly.

The good news is there’s still time. Summer is with us a few more day so before you start packing away your sundresses, swimwear,cover ups and self tanner why not squeeze in a few Summertime items onto your “to do” list. Here’s a few suggestions to get you started: Enjoy!

Sit by your nearest lake/ocean or pool and take in the beautiful peacefullness of  the water.

Get your gingham on!-The ultimate Summer print.

Put together a pretty picnic ( ENJOY one indoors or out)!

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