Let’s GO & DO!

It’s a brand New Year and we’re already winding down on week one. I’ve been sick with this nasty flu so I’m running behind on putting together my master plan for the yer ahead. No matter what you want to accomplish I have found that there are 4 tried and true steps to help you accomplish anything you desire:

  1. First and foremost put your plan of action down on paper (write your goals down manually-(think old school-pen to paper) studies show that it’s in the actual writing of your goals down on paper that make you more committed to the goal or desire.
  2. Break each goal up into small doable tasks by the day or week. Think Baby Steps. Commit 15 minutes to the goal you desire each day. You may wonder, what can be accomplished in 15 minutes? Lots! The trick is just getting started. You will often find that once you commit to 15 minutes it snowballs into an hour of productivity toward accomplishing your goal. Elizabeth Gilbert-author of Eat Pray Love-once said so brilliantly: “You can’t edit a blank page”-in other words you have to keep showing up and doing the process of creating-in whatever you desire or want to accomplish.
  3. You’re going to make mistakes along the way-BIG DEAL -mistakes can be corrected and in the end-mistakes are merely lesson’s that needed to be learned. If you do nothing you get nothing. So, keep at it. Keep showing up, doing what ever it is you want to do and someday very soon you will look back and see how far you’ve come.
  4. “Be fearless in the pursuit of your passion(s).” Ignore  naysayers (including that pesky inner voice that resides in fear)  whispering that you can’t do it or it isn’t possible. Remember… “that anything is possible…. even the impossible.”  (Final quote from the movie Mary Poppins Returns) 


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