Coat-a-holic (continued)

I live in Los Angeles and am a self-proclaimed “Coat-a-holic” ( a term I have deemed upon myself since I have two jam packed closets of winter coats…. yet living in California I may have an opportunity to wear these items for a whooping 2 months out of the year ). This however does not seem to detour me from scanning numerous coat sales at the beginning of January and perusing at warp speed a bevy of coats that will not break the bank should they find their way into my closet. Everyone seems to be having a sale on coats which is right up the retail alley. As retailers start making space for their Spring /Summer and Resort collections they’re clearing out cold weather apparel- because this is retail and everyone wants a swim suit in January. Right?
Any who-back to the coat sale-as I was zipping through my emails I came across one wonderful sale courtesy of Zara. Most of their coats are sale priced at (wait for it) $119.00 and the faux fur is a mere $69.99. All the items I’m featuring are classics and will stand the test of time (translation-buy them now and keep in your closet for years/ aka non trendy). Her’s the link to all coats on sale at Zara…happy perusing

Here are a few of my favorites….

Frock Coat with faux pearl collar $79.99

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