Today is National Hat Day!

Hat by Balenciaga circa 1954 Photographed by Henry Clark

Hats in their heyday (circa 1950’s & 60’s),were a MAJOR fashion accessory that completed a women’s look and were selected with the greatest of care…

Unlike, hats of today that are tossed atop your head without much thought (and in many cases chosen to cover up a bad hair day or shield one from the harsh elements-(rain, snow, sleet or bright sunlight),the hats of years gone by were statement pieces that were full on glamour .

Oh, I wish that the hats of yesterday would come back. It would give us all a chance to upgrade our look and really make hats..hat-tas-tic once again.

Happy National Hat Day! Here’s to bringing back the hat …in all it’s glamorous glory!.

Dior 1956

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