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Happy Sunday.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. I’ve been getting a number of requests from you my lovely readers,asking for a bit more background and or personal info on the blog writer. I promise, that I’m not in any sort of witness protection program. I started this blog to bring readers a bit of inspiration and beauty to their day. But I do want to oblige your requests for some 411 on me so here we go…Thank you for reading Go To Glamour Girl !

Have a lovely Sunday. (P.S. Which just so happens to be my FAVORITE day of the week.)

I share the same birth date as Coco Chanel. August 19.. NOT the same yer. Just say’n.
My Mother was an expert seamstress and used fabric scraps to make evening gowns for my Barbie. Mom had beautiful attention to detailing and my Barbie dresses had beading and trains and rhinestones galore. Mom had some pretty premium scraps. I have a strong suspicion that those handmade gowns for my Barbie-inspired my never ending quest of coveting gorgeous evening gowns to this day.
I have a major penchant for the color pink.

I love to sew and make allot of my own clothing.
Owls fascinate me.

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