Derby Day aka Hat’s UP

The first Kentucky Derby was originally held on May 17, 1875 in Louisville,Kentucky. Originally organized to cap off the Kentucky Derby Festival, (which back in the day lasted two weeks)-today, the Derby takes place the first weekend in May and the celebration lasts about 4 days give or take a mint julep.

TheDerby has become one of the premiere sporting events and somehow morphed into one pretty spectacular fashion show.

The race itself lasts slightly around the two minute mark, which leaves a good amount of time to focus on other things-fashion and food, (and just between you and I ,how much food are we seeing televised and how much fashion aka hats! I rest my case. The Kentucky Derby in “fashion speak” is the single most watched “Showcase of Hats” in the country each year.

So if you’re in need of some fashion inspo complete with beautiful hats, fabulous fascinators and springtime dresses-have a seat around 2 today and take in some pretty gorgeous and unique Derby fashion.

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Image and Design by Philip Treacy
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