Sunday…5 things

Sunday is my absolute favorite day of the week. It marks new beginning, a fresh slate and time to regroup for the week ahead.

Bearing in mind that the sole reason I started this blog was to bring joy and inspiration you…. my lovely readers, I have compiled 5 simple suggestions that I hope will brighten your day and inspire you for the week ahead. Here’s to a brand new week-I hope yours is filled with beauty and moments that make your heart sing. xoxoT

Pretty Petals are ALWAYS a good idea.
Buy yourself a beautiful bunch and breath in the fragrance of fresh cut flowers. Instant mood booster.
A new lipstick is an easy, affordable and doable wardrobe essential. Here’s a list of drugstore nudes that just might make your day.
Shop your closet. Go into your very own closet and pair items you haven’t put together in the past. Whah lah instant wardrobe refresh.
DON’T HATE ME (I know swimsuit buying brings on major anxiety for most) BUT, if you’re in need of a swimsuit-now is the time to buy before everything is OOS (out of stock). Anytime after May-and the selection dwindles less desirable options.
Remind yourself each day that YES, YOU are beautiful.

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