Enchante…a beautiful French word meaning “Nice to meet you.”

I have no doubt there were a lot of “Nice to meet you’s “at last night’s Met Gala. But then again, if you make a GRAND entrance -introductions are probably unnecessary. If you’re curious how a few of your favorite attendees arrived with no introductions needed-here’s a sneak peak. Enchante!

Lady Gag with Dancing Boys in Tow & Designer Brandon Maxwell
Kendall Jenner arrives via Major Transport
Ciara arrives with Major tresses
Kacey Musgraves Arrives in Vintage Barbie Car
Anna Wintour with signature sun glasses
Bea Shaffer (Anna Wintour’s Daughter) making a grand entrance
Gwen Steffani and all that glitters

All images Courtesy of Vogue .com / Phil Oh

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