5 Things (for Summer)

Summer’s official start date is June 21. If you’re anything like me, Summer “officially” begins the minute temps tip over 70 degrees outside. Are you with me on this one? I thought so.

It got me to thinking…what are some quick,easy and simple things we can do to embrace the Spirit of Summer?

Here are 5 simple things I came up with that are “oh so doable.”

It’s time to embrace the Summer sneaker. My flatfooted shoe of choice are a pair of trusty white Keds. Classic and of so comfortable.
Simplify your Summer attire and use an over sized scarf as the perfect halter top.
It’s the perfect time to hit the beach or any body of water to decompress.
In celebration of brighter and warmer days ahead …add a pretty pop of color to your decor and add some spice to your space.
Bonus: Summer fruits are in Season. Yummy, healthy and low calorie.

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