Alex Perry Craving(s)

Here’s the thing about blogging,…You sit in front of your computer, perfectly poised to write a story and inspire your wonderful readers on the topic of white dresses for Summer. Just as you’re posting the first white dress that you are lovvving on-this happens. You find that the white dress is made by a label you are not familiar with. Now this is a major conundrum, since I am pretty much sourcing fashion 24/7 and thought I knew just about every designer out there or at the very least heard of them in passing on Pinterest,Vogue or Instagram. Imagine my surprise, when I come across this beautiful white confection and the image source listed is Designer Alex Perry. I ponder for a nano second: “Who is Alex Perry?” Come to find out (faster than you can Google his name at warp speed), Alex Perry is an Australian Fashion Designer with some pretty fabulous style. He designs dresses That’s it… dresses. Beautiful sleek,stylish dresses that are gorgeous and tailored to perfection.

Here’s a sweet sampling of his designs.

All Images sourced: Alex

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