Stripe Story ……Tips & Tricks for looking Stylish

The 4th of July is next week. If “style” memory serves me correctly- that is THE DAY when most of us choose to wear stripes. This patriotic salute to the stripe pattern is commonly worn in the color combo of red, white and blue. These 3 colors are indicative of honoring July 4th,worn together or perhaps choosing only one of the three colors can be tricky when it comes to wearing any sort of stripe pattern. One wide horizontal stripe worn over the wrong area of your body and you could appear 10 pounds heavier (and that’s before the potato salad)! To ensure that your “stripe story” is on point and ensure that you look your very best I’ve listed a few simple STRIPE style rule(s) to keep in mind:

  1. A thin horizontal stripe is universally appealing on everyone. It flatters the body and makes an area appear smaller.
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2. Wide horizontal stripes make an area appear larger.

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3. Vertical (up and down) stripes give the illusion of making you appear taller and thinner.

4. Diagonal stripes intersecting at the waist-appear to cinch the area in and define the waist.

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5. Combining horizontal and vertical stripes: Note how the vertical stripe pattern elongates the leg, and the horizontal stripe pattern accentuates the bust .

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