Watermelon Wonders

The 4th of July (America’s Official Birthday) is this Thursday. (Yeah-.4 day weekend). For most of us, the 4th of July is the ultimate “Cook Out”…(translation) this is one of the easiest holidays on the planet in terms of required party prep and presentation.

The traditional fare (if your not Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Lactose Intolerant etc.) consist of grilled burgers, hot dogs,chicken and brats (short for bratwurst) all served on your basic hot dog or hamburger bun and sprinkled or slathered with an assortment of condiments. In addition to the main dish(s), side dishes include the usual suspects: chips,dips and potato salad. You top off the whole meal with ice cream for desert or a beautiful assortment of fruit. Done and Done.

Nowww, should you desire to put a little more “festive” in the 4th of July festivities… I just so happen to have come across a bevy of pretty amazing “tutorials ” for wonderful and amazing things you can do with Watermelon. Who knew there were tutorials???? on Watermelon! But low and behold here we are-3..count up three lovely “how to” tutorials for you to view. Simply click on the image of your desired watermelon wonder and enjoy!

Watermelon Cake Courtesy of Wifemommafoodie.com
Click on Image for complete recipe and tutorial AMAZING!
Watermelon on a Stick (Click on image for tutorial )
The Ultimate Carved Stars & Stripes Watermelon
Image and Instrucitons courtesy of Celebrationgeneration.com/blog

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