July…Baby Steps

July…we are officially midway into the year and it’s time to reassess, rethink and reboot. How wonderful that July lands smack dab in the middle of the year -complete with Summers warmer days and a respite from our hectic schedules. It’s the perfect time to enjoy some downtime or perhaps even partake in a long awaited vacation.

Embracing downtime is so important to our mental and physical well being. Taking a break allows time to reassess,rethink and reboot your original goals for 2019.

Here’s a simple three step plan to get you where you want to go before the year is over…

Reassess: Dd you make a list of all that you wanted to accomplish this year. (You know you did). Pull that list back out and check in with yourself. Are those goals still part of your plan?

Rethink: In reviewing your goals is it time to refocus your efforts? In a word it’s time to Tweak! (Take pen to paper or make a list via any technical device of your choosing and insert the steps needed to accomplish your goals.

Reboot: Now that you’ve reassessed what you want to accomplish and made your plan it’s time to reboot. You have a fresh focused account of what you want to accomplish. A clear plan combined with a renewed focus will aid in getting you to the finish line of your desires.. Remember…. Everything and anything can be accomplished by taking that first step..

Baby Steps combined with a leap of faith work wonders for getting you the life of your dreams. .

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